Who should invest with SIS

The SIS investment is not a trade line product. SIS sells you an interest in real estate or automobiles and arranges for financing. The result is a mortgage trade line. This is a very important distinction.

There are many "trade line companies out there and most of them create fictitious accounts to add the consumers name to. In fact many of these companies will offer to show a mortgage or car loan in your name and report it to the bureaus in a manner that shows you have been making timely payments for a number of years.

Most people would be uncomfortable with this and they should be. The accounts are fiction and using them as your credit history to borrow money from a bank is loan Fraud. When you buy a car or an interest in a piece of real property there are certain documents that are used in conjunction with the transaction. It is these very documents, because they are a matter of public record that proves that in fact you are the owner. It is these documents that another lender checks out to verify that the transaction is real and you have a bonafide responsibility and risk factor.

There should be a purchase contract and recorded deeds and other financial instruments all signed and notarized. A new lender should be able to call their title company and run a title check in which they will find your ownership interest and mortgage recorded and in public records.

A new lender also should be able to call a realtor for a drive by to verify that the property exists. A bank can also call SIS directly to verify your investment.

When you become an investor with SIS you become a property owner with all of the supporting documentation including a recorded and verifiable mortgage.

There are three categories of people who will benefit from an investment in SIS properties.

  1. The investor with a poor credit rating. This investor is typically a person who has undergone some form of personal problems that resulted in a financial meltdown. Divorce, Death and loss of job are the most common. For this investor it is important to not only start getting some new and positive accounts reporting on their credit file , it is just as important to start the process of removing the derogatory items and making sure that no more derogatory items are reported. The SIS investment will have a dramatic and profound effect on the life of this investor. Simply by investing in one or two properties the credit scores of this person will rise substantially and within 90 days or so this investor will be able to successfully apply for unsecured credit cards and other mortgages. Within one year of adding one or two SIS investment mortgages and credit repair together the formerly impaired consumer should be completely back on track.
  2. The investor with a good and clean credit file but with no substantial accounts. This is a real catch 22 for people. Without any mortgage history or large revolving accounts this investor cannot qualify for a mortgage or a credit card with a large limit, even though they have fairly high scores. Again the effect of an SIS investment is dramatic. Within 60 days of the SIS mortgage reporting this investor will qualify for any car or credit card they want, including another mortgage. Their scores will continue going up for several reporting cycles.
  3. The third type of investor is someone with no credit or a clean file. We recommend two to five investments from SIS and within 60 days this person will have very high credit score and will have the ability to get approved for any credit card or car loan they want. Once the mortgages season or age for another few months you will qualify for a mortgage.

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